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The ultimate reference guide to choosing the perfect wallet from Hermes.   Choosing the right purse or wallet, is quite difficult especially when it comes to designers. It is no news .. Read More
How much can you earn? Well with average prices ranging from $150+ to $300 you can soon accumulate considerable earnings.  Sell just two bags per day and earn on average $30 per day. .. Read More
When you insist on the best and style is of the utmost importance, choose our incredible Hermes copies.  Here is our Hermes Dogon wallet / purse.  An impeccable recreation of the authentic D.. Read More
It's a fact of life that many successful products will eventually be copied.  The problem with some copies however are that they simply are not as good as the original in terms of quality, crafts.. Read More
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Sometimes customer has a little confusion about the difference between clemence leather and togo leather, and this post will tell you the difference. CLEMENCE – Made from baby bull, this leather is textured and scratch resistant.  The grain appears flatter and matte compared to the other grainy leather Togo. The leather makes bags slouchy as the leather is quite heavy. Hermes Clemence Leather TOGO – A scratch resistant leather that is made of baby calf leather. Has a defined soft pebbled finish that appears raised and feels smooth but grainy. Hermes Togo Leathe..
Authentication of purses requires some effort, here is the guide to identifying the correct bag stamp on your Hermes bag.  Hermes Date Stamps are marked in an Hermes bag along with a craftsman ID stamp.  To identify if a bag or other item is authentic, the date stamp reference should correspond to the year that the bag was purchased.  A singular letter represents the year the item was made. From 1945, Hermes stamped their bags without a shape. By 1971, Hermes started encasing the letter in a shape. Special markings are included for more expensive materials such as crocodile and ..
We understand that every first time customer comes to purchase with a set of expectations. We understand you form a set of perceptions from the buying experience. We understand if we met or, even better, exceed your expectations, you will be more likely to repurchase. As we stated over site, we are your loyal asset and we are here to help you enjoy your shopping experience. In order to do so, the first step is -- what's your expectation? Please state your expectation here without revealing your personal information, we are listening and we are opening our mind. ..
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How to add twilly to your hermes kelly or hermes birkin handles? It is very easy, and this video will show you how. ..
This video tells you how to spot an authentic birkin and a fake one in a very details way, and then you will see what we can do for our hermes birkins. ..
This video will show you the basic information about unpacking hermes kelly bag. If you are hermes kelly newbie, this video can offer you some basic information. ..
This video was found from Youtube, and it can offer you some information to spot hermes copies. After watching this video, we hope you will be confident to shop from us.  ..
Did you know your Hermès Birkin comes with a raincoat? Find out how to properly protect your Birkin bag when caught out in the rain. ..
User experience optimization is on our top priority to-do list. We will never stop improve our customer's shopping experience. We struggle to build our site around three online service principles: offer products customers want make it quick and easy to locate products help is always available when the customer need it But we don't know if we have done good enough, so we sincerely ask you to help us by answering the following questions: Is our website easier enough for you to find your target product? If no, how can it be improved? Is it easy for you to place yo..
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Dear Customers Please share your knowledge about how to spot an authentic hermes birkin. If you have genuine birkin bag, can you please compare your authentic bag with our replica side by side? We want to make endure improvement based on your expert feedback. ..
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