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How to send money from 7-Eleven?

In order to send money from a 7-Eleven, you must pick up a Ria 7-Eleven card at the store location. On the card, you will find a 1-800 phone number to call in. The call is received by a Ria 7-Eleven customer service agent who will take all of your information and then place the transaction for you.
Once the transaction has been placed, the Ria customer service agent will call you and notify you that you may now pay for the transaction at the 7-Eleven location. You can pay for the transaction immediately or choose to have a 24 hour window in which you must pay. Please note, If you do not pay for your transaction by midnight of the 24 hour window, your transaction will be cancelled.
There are a few additional things to note when sending money from a 7-Eleven: First, there is a $999 limit per transaction. Second, you must pay in cash. Third, most 7-Eleven agents are not aware of the 24 hour window in which you must pay so that your transaction is not cancelled.

Posted by James Wong
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