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5 Tips To Spotting A Trusted Hermes Bag Seller

It's a fact of life that many successful products will eventually be copied.  The problem with some copies however are that they simply are not as good as the original in terms of quality, craftsmanship or safety.


Hermes bags are some of the most luxurious bags in the world and are priced way up and above what most people can afford.  Copy producers are all too aware that they can produce almost identical bags for far less cost, and this evidently draws in a crowd of people looking to get the style of a Hermes bag without the massive price tag.


Our pride in what we do runs deeply within us and we feel utterly committed to making our bags the very best copies that money can buy, bar none.  Here are five top tips to help you steer away from the poorly produced copied bags, so that your money can go towards only the best.


Tip 1

When a seller claims “real leather” this does not always imply that it is going to be good leather.

Almost all copies use real leather.  This includes both the good copies and the bad copies.  The problem is that poorly produced copies tend to use very cheap inferior second grade leather that is simply not good enough.  It has a bad smell and does not feel good to touch.  Try and ask the seller as many questions as you can.  A genuine seller will have no problem in going above and beyond to explain things.


Tip 2

Don't send payment before asking questions.

This may seem obvious but far too many people get caught up in the excitement of the moment and wind up hitting that “buy now” button before checking out the credentials of the seller.  Ask the seller things such as their refund policy, their physical address or phone number.  A professional company will be quick to respond and thorough in their responses.


Tip 3

Are the images genuine?

A genuine seller will go out of their way.  They will hire a professional photographer and take actual photos of actual products manufactured.  A poor seller will simply use stock images of products and use those.  So what you see is not always what you will get with a bad seller.  There are tools online to help you find out if your image exists elsewhere on the internet.  So always ask for pre-shipment images before you buy.  A genuine store will be looking to differentiate themselves from the bad sellers.


Tip 4

A little bit of effort will help you a long way

Spending 30 minutes using a search engine can reap rewards.  Always learn how to spot a bad Hermes replica. Use terms like:

·         spot authentic Hermes birkin bag

·         spot fake Hermes evelyne bag

·         spot fake Hermes kelly bag

·         spot fake Hermes lindy bag

·         spot fake Hermes purse

·         spot Hermes replica

·         spot Hermes kelly bag


Spend a little time and educate yourself about what an authentic Hermes look like.


Tip 5

Identify the three types of copied Hermes bags

Copied Hermes bags generally come in three different categories.  A premium line will feature high end imported Italian leather which is soft and luxurious to touch.  While it is not 100% the exact same as authentic leather, it is a close match and you will not find a closer match.  The standard range of copies use Brazilian Bull leather which is durable and scratch resistant.  Finally the budget range uses cheap locally sourced Chinese leather which is distinctively below average.  The original leather comes with indented edges, saddle slanted stitching, beeswax coated linen thread and a crisp logo.


Posted by James Wong

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