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How to Get Gift on Holidays

We will offer gifts on some holiday days. At these special days, you can win a free gift if your total spent reaches a predefined amount.

For example, you can get a free gift belt if your order value is above 300 usd during the 'Father Day' promotion.

  1. Add something to your shopping cart, and you will see a message, telling you how to get the gift belt. In this case, you have to pay 45 usd more in order to win a belt
  2. Find another item that you may have interest in, and add that item into your shopping cart
  3. Check your shopping cart (, and select a belt that you want. Click the 'Add Gift to Cart' button. 
  4. Click the 'Checkout' button, you will see the gift was already added into your shopping cart.

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Posted by James Wong

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