Loyal Rewards

We believe every loyal customer should be rewarded, so we built this loyal reward program.

Every customer can apply for a dedicated coupon code, the discount will start with 5% which means you can get 5% discount instantly. But it doens't end here. 5% of your total purchase will be added to your loyal credits balance.

For example,  a basic birkin 35cm clemence leather bag will cost 255 usd. If you have a dedicated coupon code, you will only pay 242.25 usd this time, and win 12.75 usd loyal credits to your account balance. See how to use loyal credits

Your dedicated coupon code is associated to your account, but you can feel free to share it with your friends. What will happen if someone else redeemed your coupon code? They will be able to save 5% of their purchase, but it's YOU who will win 5% of their purchase as loyal credits. In this case, people who used your dedicated coupon code will not be able to get loyal rewords.

It's easy to apply for dedicated coupon code, simply email us , tell us the code that's easy for you to remember. Considering the time zone difference, you can also fill this form to get a temp code, you can get a coupon code almost instantly.

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